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My wife (Fiona) and I (Robert) have been creating and producing personalised gifts since 2003. Forever Bespoke was sparked from a jewellery hobby of Fiona’s where her homemade personalised Sterling Silver baby name bracelets took the market by storm. When Phillip Schofield admired them on This Morning back in 2007 the website actually crashed! This was an exciting time for us as we only started up a year earlier in 2006. We started with engraving and gold blocking machines (for pencils - interesting story about pencils .... I first heard about Bear Grylls when my receptionist got really excited about personalising pencils for his children!). We set the machines up in our living room and tested our personalised clocks by hanging them in every room in our house - it was crazy, but at least we were always on time! Now we are based in our hometown Irvine, a small seaside town in Ayrshire in the west of Scotland, we pride ourselves in being a homegrown, creative, high quality and constantly adapting small business.


Over the past twelve years we have stuck to our roots - we hire local illustrators, photographers and graphic designers to bring Forever Bespoke to the world. We have built an amazing small team here in Irvine. We produce everything in house and brainstorming new ideas is a daily conversation. We are always thinking of our next exciting product and we strive to create the most unique, warming and memorable personalised gifts out there.


I hope you enjoy what we at Forever Bespoke have to offer, a lot of our products come from the best printing and laser machines out there. My past career in engineering has ingrained a strict adherence to high quality and ensuring our products are pristine is my speciality. Please feel free to get in touch!


Best Wishes,

Robert O’Rourke

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