10 April Fool's Day Pranks... You Don't Want To Happen To You

10 April Fool's Day Pranks... 10 April Fool's Day Pranks...

The 1st of April is a day full of jokes and pranks, so keep an eye out for anything that might happen to you. Here are some pranks that might be funny for the person doing them, but not so funny if you get caught out! From jokes that the whole country might fall for, to messing around in the office, here are our top 10 that you don't want to happen to you.

Prank 1: Fake news articles – lots of newspapers and news channels have started telling us false stories on April Fool's Day. Last year, a penguin laid a golden egg and there was talk of the government putting a ban on selfies. Keep your wits about you and take every news story with a pinch of salt!

Prank 2: Upside down water cup – there is a way to turn a cup of water upside down, on a flat surface, without the water pouring out. Until the victim of this prank has to move it, and they'll inevitably soak themselves and everything around them.

Prank 3: Car covered in post-it notes – this is a prank that you might only ever see in photos, and hopefully never have it happen to you! Imagine going out to get in your car, but it's artistically covered in post-it notes. Everywhere. It could range from being funny if you've got nowhere to go, to mildly annoying if you have to take them all off before going to work.

Prank 4: Soap that won't work – it's an old classic, but people are still falling for it every year. A bar of soap that has been painted with clear nail varnish won't work, leaving the victim a bit puzzled as they're trying to have a shower in the morning.

Prank 5: Wrapped up bedroom – this one is very popular with students. If one flatmate is away for a couple of days, it's not uncommon to come home to a bedroom wrapped up in wrapping paper, tinfoil or newspaper. This takes serious dedication to wrap up every single item. If it happens to you, try to look at it like getting to open lots of presents...that you already own.

Prank 6: Items in jelly – more specifically, things that do not belong in jelly. What could be more annoying that going to get your stapler at work and finding it inside a mountain of jelly? Maybe finding your computer mouse in it too.

Prank 7: Alarms being set early – because there's nothing quite as funny as waking up an hour early...be prepared for the potential fall out if you do this to someone. If someone does it to you, it's perfectly reasonable to get them back the next day.

Prank 8: Room filled with balloons – imagine going in to your office and finding it filled with balloons, from ceiling to floor! This is a prank that most people will find funny, but does take ages to set up. Maybe it's best to just leave it.

Prank 9: Fake toffee apple – instead of biting in to an apple, they bite in to an onion instead. This is a really mean one.

Prank 10: Upside down computer screen – this one is easy to do and easy to fix! It'll only take a few minutes to figure out how to put it back and is totally harmless. If it happens to you, it might be easier to google on your phone how to fix it, rather than reading an upside down screen.

Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

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