10 Reasons Your Mum's The Best

10 Reasons Why Your Mum is Best 10 Reasons Why Your Mum is Best

1. She looks after you when you're sick – whether you're 5 years old with a headache or 25 years old with a sickness bug, you can always rely on mum to make sure you get through it. She'll be there armed with paracetamol, a blanket and a hot water bottle for you and won't love you any less for it.

2. She'll do your washing for you – even when you don't live at home. Mums look after you and somehow end up doing your washing in your own house. That they don't live in. Just remember to make her a cup of tea afterwards to say thank you.

3. She puts you first – since the day you were born, you've been number one in your mums life. Your needs always get put before hers. When you were young she let her dinner go cold because you needed help eating yours, and as an adult you get to choose what programme you watch on TV.

4. She buys you socks – it seems to be a Christmas tradition that all mums buy their children new socks. This apparently never stops and you'll always have a supply of nice new ones, without the hassle of buying your own! No need to worry about cold feet in winter, because Mum's got it sorted. Why not return the favour this Mothers Day with 'A Present For My Mum Book with a Surprise Pair of Socks Gift'!

A Book for Mum with a Surprise Gift! A Book for Mum with a Surprise Gift!

5. She worries about you – worrying can also be known as caring. Who else checks up on the trivial things that can make a difference in your life? She'll make sure that you wear your jacket when it's cold, have an umbrella when it's raining and put on sunscreen when you're on holiday. Someone's got to look out for you and your mum is the best person for the job.

6. She's proud of you – from putting your artwork on the fridge to boasting about your graduation, your mum is proud of everything you do. She's your number one fan and makes sure everyone knows it.

7. She sat through your childhood activities – orchestra, swimming galas and dance shows. They're great fun for the kids involved, but being totally honest, they are a bit boring to watch. Despite this, your mum sat through every concert of off-notes and cheered you on for that one race you were in at the three hour swimming gala. And she always told you how well you did.

8. She'll always rescue you – if you got too frightened to stay all night at a sleepover, mum would be there to take you home. She'll come and get you if you have no money for a taxi at 2am or if you fall out with your partner and want to get away for a few hours. Whatever the reason, she'll be there.

9. She put up with your teenage years – even when you were full of strops, slamming doors and being too embarrassed to be seen with her, your mum stood by you. Throughout those awkward teenage years, your mum still loved you as much as she always has. Although she's probably quite glad that they're over now.

10. She's your mum – she's yours, always has been and always will be. Your mum's been there through the worst and best with you, and will support you through everything you do. Let's face it, no-one else is going to put up with as much as your mum has. She's your mum, and she's the best.

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