10 things you said you'd never do when you had kids(...but you do)

10 Things You Said You'd Never Do...When You had Kids 10 Things You Said You'd Never Do...

10 things you said you'd never do when you had kids(...but you do)

Every new parent knows exactly how they're going to raise their child...until they're born and the whole plan gets ruined. Here are our top 10 things you said you'd never do, but you did!

1. Keep them in pyjamas all day – This is guaranteed to be the first rule to be broken. When you've got a tiny, wriggly newborn baby, the last thing you want to do is wrestle a pair of trousers on and off them 10 times a day. And let's face it, babies look super cute in sleepsuits. All the time.

2. Bribe them – We've all been there, looking at the toddler with a big packet of sweets, thinking “I'll never do that when I have children”. But you will. When your little angel is bored in town after 5 minutes and just won't stop moaning, that packet of sweets may well save your day and your sanity. Anything to stop a toddler screaming is worth doing.

3. Let your child sleep in your bed – My child was always going to sleep in his own cot, in his own room, right? Wrong. If letting him into my bed at 4am when he wakes up gets me a little bit more sleep, I'm going to take it.

4. Put photos on social media...constantly - We all know how annoying it is pre-child, seeing non-stop baby photos on Facebook. And we all swear that we won't be joining in...but your kid is just so cute. You just can't help yourself sharing all the cute faces when they're tiny and the selfies once they get big enough to do it themselves.

5. Be late because of the baby – The baby will just fit right in with your life, so no need to worry about being late or missing out on things. Until your realise that it's actually you that fits in with the baby. You're already running late because the baby needed changed, fed, changed again and you've still not packed the changing bag with the one million things your baby might need while you're out.

6. Buy loud, plastic toys – Every new parent goes through the phase of only wanting organic wooden toys, but once your child gets a bit older, you'll find out that they need more than that. Children are drawn to bright plastic, preferably with a loud repetitive song that plays when they press a button.

7. Stick them in front of the TV – Use the TV as a babysitter?! You'd never do that! Until it's 5pm and the kids just won't leave you alone to make dinner. Enjoy the peace as they're engrossed in cbeebies for 5 (or 25) minutes.

8. Feed them junk food – Because as they get bigger, you'll realise that a happy meal once in a while won't actually do any damage. And it saves you washing any dishes when you get home.

9. Walk away from their tantrum – There's a toddler lying in the middle of a shop floor, with the parent nowhere to be seen. What you don't know, is that they are hiding at the end of the aisle (still watching their toddler) and that you'll be doing it one day too. Children like to fall to the floor as if the world is ending when they're not allowed something, and it works to just walk away. Give them a minute to realise you're gone and they'll pick themselves up, stop crying, and start following you again.

10. Use the pram once they've turned 2 – In an ideal world, as soon as your kid can walk, you'll ditch the pram. But toddlers walk very slow, unless they're running away from you. For a quick dash to town, letting them go in the pram will make life that little bit easier for yourself!

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