10 Ways To Know You're Officially An Adult

10 ways you know you are an adult! 10 ways you know you are an adult!

10 Ways To Know You're Officially An Adult

The day has finally come, where you have to face up to the realisation that you're no longer young and carefree. You're not old yet, but it sure feels like it some days. Luckily you're not alone and we've all either been there or are getting there. Here are some tell-tale signs that you're officially an adult:

1. You eat properly – cooking meals from scratch, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and even making sure that you eat some vegetables. Long gone are the days that you could survive solely on pot noodles, cheesy pasta and crisps.

2. You don't recognise music on the radio – it all sounds like the same noise, and you'll get all nostalgic when they play a song from when you were a teenager.

3. You've said “it was better when I was your age...” – if you catch yourself saying this to a child/teenager/anyone younger than you, you're officially old. Of course, we all know that it was better back in our day, when you actually got 10 sweets in your 10p mix up.

4. Your childhood fashions are making a comeback – scrunchies, ripped jeans and chokers have all made a comeback, but lots of us were wearing them the first time round. You'll either love that all your old favourites are back, or wonder if you really looked like that wearing them in the '90s.

5. You enjoy a night in – loud music, spending more money than you planned, and a hangover in the morning? No thanks, we'll stick to Netflix and being in bed at a sensible time.

6. You don't get asked for ID when you do go out – even though they have a “challenge 25” poster up and you're not even 25 yet. It's so unfair.

7. You spend your money on bills – instead of on Topshop and numerous nights out. You work full time and don't go out as much, but are somehow left with less money than when you were a student and only working part time. It doesn't make sense, but does show that you're a proper grown up now.

8. You go to your mum's house for a chat – not in the hopes that she'll wash that bag of dirty clothes you happened to bring round. Not only do you do all your own washing now (most of the time), but you have more in common with your mum than you did before. You're now swapping dinner ideas, tips on where to get a bargain, and enjoying spending time with her.

9. You feel old on a night out – when you do finally go for a night out, it feels like you're surrounded by children. You've got to resist telling them to go home and put some more clothes on, while looking on in horror at how drunk they all are.

10. You choose comfort over style (sometimes) – the walk to work now involves a decent pair of trainers instead of high heels, and you always take a coat on a night out. You might not look super stylish all of the time, but at least you won't be cold on the way home.

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