20 Things Only A 90's Kid Will Understand


90s-Kid-GraphicFor those of you born in the 90's, this nostalgic post will definitely bring back some memories and a smile to your face.

1: You remember the pain of dial up Internet

It's strange to think that it used to take a lifetime to connect to the Internet and you couldn't use the phone at the same time. Every 90's kid will remember frantically waving at their Mum to hurry up and end the conversation so they could get online.

2: You rented VHS not DVD's

The excitement of going to Blockbuster on a Friday night to choose a video was always something to look forward to.

3: You taped the top 40

We couldn't just Google and listen to the top 40 so we resorted to tuning into Radio 1 every Sunday from 4-7 and taping it with a cassette. The challenge was trying to pause it before the DJ started talking.

4: Penny sweets were actually a penny

Nowadays a pick 'n' mix is extortionate! remember going to the shop and getting a big bag for 20p?! You definitely got more sweets for your money back then.

5: You had smelly gel pens in your pencil case

You just weren't cool unless your pens were scented.

6: You owned the original walk man

Instead of sleek ipod's, 90's kids had the task of carrying around bulky CD and cassette player's when they wanted to listen to their favourite songs on the go.

7: You had a pet tamagotchi

It was a hard work satisfying these digital pets. Sneaking it to school was a mission – your teacher had to understand that couldn't leave it at home or it would die!

8: You had to catch 'em all.

Trading Pokemon cards at break was a regular occurrence. You suddenly became very popular if you had a shiny Charizard.

9: Your Mum washed your hair with L'Oréal kids shampoo

The 'no tears' motto was definitely a lie though.

10: You couldn't have orangeade without asking “who loves orange soda!?”

Keenan and Kel was one of the best programmes around and who could forget that famous quote!

11: SM:TV was the reason to get up on a Saturday morning

A morning spent with Ant, Dec and Cat was hilarious.

12: You still have a box of beanie babies hidden in the attic

At one point you couldn't see your bed with the amount you had!

13: Your creations never quite looked liked the finished product on art attack

Did they really expect a five year old to have the ability to make some of them!?

14:You locked your furby in a cupboard

Constant “feed me!”demands and falling asleep under its beady eyes was overwhelming. Annoying and slightly horrifying it is surprising that these furry aliens became so popular.

15: You had some snazzy footwear

From sparkly jelly sandals to trainers that lit up, the 90's was the coolest era for footwear!

16: You know all the words to the fresh prince of Bel Air theme song

“Innnn West Philadelphia born and raised...” you just can't stop yourself.

17: You always wanted a dairylea lunchable to take school

Even though they tasted horrible it was much cooler than taking in your Mum's squashed tin foil wrapped sandwiches.

18: The era of Boy/girl bands

Spice girls, Atomic Kitten, Backstreet Boys, N'sync... the 90's had some of the best (and cheesiest) bands. What better way to spend your time than learning the dance moves and making your mum video it with a camcorder (yes ... a camcorder, remember those?).

19: Learning CD lyrics

Memorising the song lyrics from the leaflet inside was the first thing you would do when you got a new CD.

20.You wanted Bernard's watch

And you would come up with much more interesting (and perhaps unethical) ways of using it. Cheating in an exam... finally getting your hands on that Prada bag..

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