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  • Find Your Perfect Bridesmaid

    10 things to consider when choosing your bridesmaids

    Lets face it, being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility so whether it's your friend, sister or cousin, you want to make sure you pick the right girl for the job! Before popping the question here are a few things you might want to consider...

    Reason 1- Think numbers. According to tradition, the number of bridesmaids you have should be proportionate to the size of your wedding. So having 20 bridesmaids for a wedding party of 50 is a bit excessive!

    Reason 2- Are you asking her because you have to? If you are under pressure from your Mum to choose a cousin you haven't spoken to since you were five or if your fiancé is hassling you to choose his sister then put your foot down! This is your big day and you need someone who will make you happy and support you.

    Reason 3 -Is she really your friend? We have all made this drunken promise to our friends but if you haven't spoke to her in over a year then you might want to reconsider!

    Reason 4- Can you trust her? You will need her honest opinion on absolutely everything so you don't want someone who will let you walk down the aisle looking like a big fluffy meringue!

    Reason 5- Is she supportive of your marriage? If she's not a fan of your man then she probably isn't the best fit for your bridal party. The last thing you want is her screaming “ME!” when asked if anyone objects!

    Reason 6- Will she complain about her dress? Nobody wants a a fussy bridesmaid complaining that the colour doesn't suit her. Pick someone that will wear the unflattering lilac chiffon dress because she loves you and you have been dreaming of a lilac wedding since you were eight years old.

    Reason 7 - Will she throw an amazing hen do? It is a big responsibility to get this right! She needs to know if you are the type of girl that favours a relaxing spa weekend or a crazy night with all the inappropriate props!

    Reason 8 - Will she put you first? You are the centre of attention and you don't want her trying to steal the limelight or make a scene by flirting with the best man!

    Reason 9 - Can she hack it? Lets face it, being a bridesmaid is not all champagne and glamour - it can be a military operation at times! From organising your hen do to helping you squeeze into your dress on the big day, pick someone that can deal with pressure and still keep their sense of humour!

    Reason 10 - Is she prepared to get her hands dirty? Can she deal with dodgy drunken dancing from your uncle? or be there with a tissue in hand for your Mum when she gets emotional during the first dance? Dealing with wedding drama while letting you be the fabulous newly-wed is a must!

    If she can do all these things with her make-up and sense of humour in tact then you are on to a winner...

    Why not get her a personalised 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid' heart to ask your best friend to be your bridesmaid and stand by you on your big day.

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)



    Now that the excitement of Christmas has passed and the winter weather is taking it's toll, your little ones may be suffering from January Blues. But don't let the rain, wind and snow dampen the fun! Here are some great ideas to keep them entertained both outdoors and indoors...

    Activity 1- Go on a puddle hunt

    Pull on your wellies and head out for a revitalising walk in the rain. Children will love finding the muddiest puddles and making the biggest splash! Create a fun obstacle course by jumping from one puddle to another – whoever can complete it without stepping outside the puddles wins! Just make sure they wipe their feet before going in the house!

    Activity 2-Lets go fly a kite!

    Take advantage of the wind and have lots of fun and laughter flying a kite – perhaps the all time favourite thing to do on a windy day! You can buy them in all shapes and sizes but why not get creative and make your own with materials around the house. Hold on tight so it doesn't blow away!

    Activity 3-Build snow creatures

    It is expected to snow this week so wrap up warm and get busy playing in the garden or local park. Why stick to building snowmen when you can make all different kinds of creatures. Try out some scary snow monsters or animals – let their imagination run wild and see what ideas they come up with!

    Activity 4-Track wildlife

    After a fall of snow is the perfect time to spot mysterious animals tracks. Try to guess what type of animal may have left the trail and follow it to see where it leads! Take a notebook and camera to let them record what they find.

    Activity 5-Create ice decorations

    Arrange natural materials (such as berries and leaves) along with a long piece of string and pastry cutters. Pour in water and leave outside to freeze overnight. When you wake up the next morning these decorative ice structures will look great hanging on a tree or window – especially when the sun shines through them.

    Activity 6 -Build a den outside

    We have all tried building a den indoors with chairs, pillows and sheets but mum can still find us. A private hideout outside is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and get away from nosy siblings. Make a shelter in the back garden using leaves, twigs or branches (it works best with a big tree to hide under).

    Activity 7-Balloon modelling

    Learn how to make fantastic balloon animals. Guaranteeing hours of fun, we have a great kit that contains everything you need: 32 modelling balloons, a hand pump and eye stickers to complete the look. Children can show off their crazy creations to friends and relatives – ideal for parties or family gatherings!

    Click HERE for more info.

    Activity 8-Make a bird feeder

    A cardboard tube (kitchen roll or toilet roll tube) makes an ideal bird feeder for the garden. Firstly make two holes in the top (get mum to help you) to thread a loop of string in to so it can be hung up in the garden on a tree or hook. Cover the tube in peanut butter (or something similar) then roll it in to bird seed or breakfast cereal. After you have hung it up go back inside and watch from the window to see what birds you can spot (it won't take long).

    Activity 9-Knitting

    Teaching children to knit can be a wonderful bonding experience and a great skill to have. Our 'knit your own teddy' kit is the perfect way to get them started. It comes with a step by step instruction guide and material to make two teddies. You can create a mummy (or daddy) and baby bear. Why not have a teddy bear picnic once they have been created or display on their beds.

    Click HERE for more info.

    Activity 10-Curl up with a book

    Gather comfy bean bags or cuddle up on the couch with a good book. Check out our 'Guess How Much I Love you' pop up book. It has various pull tabs, lift pages and pop up sections so they can interact while they read. The pop up feature will always bring a surprise to their face and make reading fun!

    Click HERE for more info.

    For more inspiring outdoor wild weather adventures check out 'The Wild Weather Book'

    The Wild Weather Book The Wild Weather Book

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • First Date Failures

    new-blog-photo10 signs your first date is going badly

    The dating scene is full of mixed signals and miscommunication so it can be hard to tell how a date is going. With Valentines Day fast approaching, this guide will help you spot initial warning signs that they might not be the one...

    Reason 1 : They don't listen or ask you questions: If they are more occupied with their phone or the menu rather than talking to you, chances are, things won’t work out. A good date will want to get to know you and if they don't seem interested then they probably aren't!

    Reason 2: They can't stop talking... about themselves: By the end of the date you know their shoe size, their favourite colour, what type of dog they have, their dogs name, what their dog eats – and all they know is your name.

    Reason 3: They are constantly on their phone: If they are answering calls, responding to messages or swiping through Tinder while they are with you - this is not only a bad sign, it's just bad manners!

    Reason 4: ...Silence: Awkward moments are inevitable on a first date - however, there is a big difference between a few nervous quiet spells and having literally nothing to say to someone. An hour of no conversation is definitely a sign there isn't a spark!

    Reason 5: Lack of effort: If they turn up to a Michelin star restaurant smelling of Vodka and look like they have been roughing it for the last week... just leave.

    Reason 6: Flirting with other people: The conversation has been amazing!... between them and the waiter.

    Reason 7: If they have drank a bottle of wine before the starter: There might be a few underlying issues...

    Reason 8: They can't stop talking about their ex: Crying into their main about how much they love (or hate) her is definitely not good!

    Reason 9: If they have been at the toilet for more than 20 minutes... They probably won't be returning!

    Reason 10 Cutting it short: If they can't eat their pasta arrabiata any quicker and pass on dessert this is definitely a sign that they are just not that into you!

    If you notice these things then a second date might not be on the cards!

    First Date Escape Plans First Date Escape Plans

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • Win A Baking Kit From Forever Bespoke

    Baking Set10 Reasons to Bake!!

    Reason Number 1: Nothing smells better in your home than freshly baked cakes, breads or pies. So baking smells good is reason 1 for baking on a random Tuesday afternoon (especially if you have finished burning those scented candles you got for Christmas).

    Reason Number 2: Baking can be creative: Try creating your own invention which could become the latest trend.. maybe try adding bacon to cupcakes or peanut butter to just about anything..

    Reason Number 3: Baking spreads happiness: You are sure to get in the good books with your work colleagues, boss, friends and partner if you bake some treats (just remember to try and not eat all those cookies before your other half comes home or you go to work the next day or they will never believe that you baked).

    Reason Number 4: Home made cakes are tastier: You have full control of the ingredients which you add and you know there's no hidden extras inside so technically healthier too. Also you can create low fat versions although who bakes when they are on a diet...

    Reason Number 5: Baking is fun: Getting the kitchen in a mess will remind you of the days when you used to bake with mum or granny and lick the bowl at the end or in the middle when they weren't looking...even better involve your kids.

    Reason Number 6: Home baking can be cheaper: It is less expensive than buying pre made cakes in the shop so that means you can bake every week.

    Reason Number 7: You are home alone: Your partner isn't going to know you were baking as he/she is working late and you've ate all the evidence...10 chocolate chip cookies down... and well the kitchen has never looked cleaner.

    Reason Number 8: Baking could lead to a new career: Practice makes perfect so this is the perfect reason to bake every day off and the weekends....If the bottom goes soggy or they get a little burnt then try again and again and again until they are just right. That's the only way you are going to make yourself a baking star on 'The Great British Bake Off' and Mary Berry didn't become an expert after one bake.

    Reason Number 9: Just because WE LOVE CAKE: Carrot cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, angel cake, Christmas cake, birthday cake, wedding cake or Friday cake...any excuse for us to eat cake in the office.

    Baking Tips from Forever Bespoke Baking Tips from Forever Bespoke

    Reason Number 10: This bakes on us: Win a butter biscuits baking kit courtesy of Forever Bespoke.

    Click the image below to be in with a chance of winning the pictured baking kit:

    Win This Baking Kit from Forever Bespoke Win This Baking Kit from Forever Bespoke

    Emma (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

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