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  • 10 great things to do during the holidays!

    10 Easter Holiday Activities 10 Easter Holiday Activities

    The Easter Holidays are here, which means the kids are off school and full of sugar. If you're not going away during their time off, it can be difficult thinking of things to keep them occupied. If you're struggling for ideas, we've got 10 great things to do during the holidays – all with a little twist on Easter and Spring, to make them a bit more fun!

    1. Go on an egg hunt – if you're wanting to do something on Easter Sunday, then this is a great activity for the whole family. Easter eggs can be hidden in your own house and garden if they're big enough, or you could go to a pre-arranged egg hunt. Take a picnic with you and go exploring afterwards to make the most of your day out.

    2. Make an Easter bonnet – this activity is sometimes more for the adults than the kids...get out the pom-poms, glitter glue, feathers, and be prepared for the mess! Turn the bonnet making in to a competition and model your creations to the family once they're all complete.

    3. Go on a nature hunt – nature hunts are a great way to get kids out the house. Make up a list of 'treasure' to find while you're out on your walk. Pick springtime nature items, like daffodils, bluebells, and birds nests to look out for.

    4. Paint some eggs – chose to do it the classic way with a hard boiled egg and paint, or use polystyrene eggs and craft supplies for something a bit more creative. If you do this one before Easter, you can take your eggs out on Sunday to roll down a hill.

    5. Make chocolate nests – these are a quick and easy treat for children to help make, and a good way to use up any extra chocolate eggs. All you need to do is melt down your chocolate, mix it into crushed shredded wheat, and put it in a cake case with mini eggs placed on top.

    6. Play some springtime games – if the kids are having friends round during the holidays, some springtime games will keep them entertained! An egg and spoon race is a favourite when the weather is nice, or play 'pin the tail on the bunny' indoors.

    7. Hand and footprint paintings – toddlers and babies love getting messy, and handprint/footprint paintings are a fun activity for them to do. Get creative and make bunnies, chicks, carrots, and lambs out of their prints! Make them in to Easter cards or pictures to put up on the fridge.

    8. Make a real nest – if you're lucky enough to live in the countryside (or close enough to visit), then this is a fun challenge for children to do. Let them forage for twigs to build their own life-sized nest, and see how well they get on. This might even encourage them to work together, to make a bigger and better one than if they were doing it alone!

    9. Make a rainbow – it might be rainy for a few days during the holiday, but don't let the dull weather bring you down. Brighten it up indoors by making colourful rainbows. The options are endless on how to make them – use watercolours, tissue paper, glitter, or anything else you can think of. Hang them up by the windows to cheer up the weather!

    10. Eat too much chocolate – it'll start with the children eating too much on Easter Sunday, and will end with you sneaking bits of their chocolate eggs when they're in bed. Just don't eat a full egg at once, unless you want to get caught.

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

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    Baking Set10 Reasons to Bake!!

    Reason Number 1: Nothing smells better in your home than freshly baked cakes, breads or pies. So baking smells good is reason 1 for baking on a random Tuesday afternoon (especially if you have finished burning those scented candles you got for Christmas).

    Reason Number 2: Baking can be creative: Try creating your own invention which could become the latest trend.. maybe try adding bacon to cupcakes or peanut butter to just about anything..

    Reason Number 3: Baking spreads happiness: You are sure to get in the good books with your work colleagues, boss, friends and partner if you bake some treats (just remember to try and not eat all those cookies before your other half comes home or you go to work the next day or they will never believe that you baked).

    Reason Number 4: Home made cakes are tastier: You have full control of the ingredients which you add and you know there's no hidden extras inside so technically healthier too. Also you can create low fat versions although who bakes when they are on a diet...

    Reason Number 5: Baking is fun: Getting the kitchen in a mess will remind you of the days when you used to bake with mum or granny and lick the bowl at the end or in the middle when they weren't looking...even better involve your kids.

    Reason Number 6: Home baking can be cheaper: It is less expensive than buying pre made cakes in the shop so that means you can bake every week.

    Reason Number 7: You are home alone: Your partner isn't going to know you were baking as he/she is working late and you've ate all the evidence...10 chocolate chip cookies down... and well the kitchen has never looked cleaner.

    Reason Number 8: Baking could lead to a new career: Practice makes perfect so this is the perfect reason to bake every day off and the weekends....If the bottom goes soggy or they get a little burnt then try again and again and again until they are just right. That's the only way you are going to make yourself a baking star on 'The Great British Bake Off' and Mary Berry didn't become an expert after one bake.

    Reason Number 9: Just because WE LOVE CAKE: Carrot cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, angel cake, Christmas cake, birthday cake, wedding cake or Friday cake...any excuse for us to eat cake in the office.

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