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  • 5 Must-Follow Blogs for Great Party Ideas

    Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, wedding shower or child's birthday party, you want your party to be special, unique and stand out from the others of its kind. You've probably surfed the Web for inspiration and asked your friends and family for their input. If you're stilled strapped for ideas, the Forever Bespoke team has put together a list of the top bloggers who share their party planning tips and ideas. In no particular order, here are the blogs that made our list:

    Hostess With the Mostess

    Hostess with the Mostess

    From party themes, cakes and décor to entertaining products, clever DIY projects and hostessing tips, Hostess with the Mostess (HWTM) provides first-time party throwers and seasoned party pros with great ideas for their next party or special event. HWTM is headed by Editor-in-Chief and Founder Jenn Sbranti and her husbad Sonny. Jenn is a designer, entrepeneur, writer and mom who's always had a thing for parties – particularly party décor. Using her web designing background, she created her blog back in 2005, and we're so thankful she did!


    Party Delights

    Party DelightsFounded by Allison Graham in 2001, Party Delights is a party supply store offering everything you need for you next event, including invitations, balloons, tablewear, games, dress and decorations. Allison was inspired to found Party Delights after she was unable to find a complete range of accessories for her son's Spiderman themed birthday party. She founded Party Delights to ensure children would have enjoyable birthday parties at home with themes to suit their hobbies and interests. At the Party Delights Blog, you'll find great party theme ideas, DIY projects, and so much more.


    Pretty Little Party Shop

    Pretty Little Party ShopPretty Little Party Shop is an online party and events supply shop that aims to create an effortless feel to party styling. The store's style is simple and contemporary and offers a mix of handpicked products from around the world, as well as its own in-house designs and hand-made items. The Pretty Little Party Shop Blog offers unique ideas for party planners with an elegant yet simplistic style.


    Party Pieces Blog and Inspiration

    The Party Times from Party PiecesParty Pieces is a family business founded in 1987 by Carole Middleton, who hoped to inspire other mothers to create magical parties at home and to make the party planning process easier. Party Pieces Blog and Inspiration, Party Pieces' online party magazine, providing hostesses with everything they need to know about throwing a child's party or family celebration. The online magazine covers everything from delicious recipes, to the latest party themes, to fun decorating and craft ideas.


    Kara's Party Ideas

    Kara's Party Ideas

    Kara's Party Ideas was started in 2009 by Kara Allen, a party designer, author, blogger and dessert stylist. Since a young age, Kara's always had a calling for party planning, and her creative ideas and keen attention to detail have led her to be called the new Martha Stewart of the party world. She has been featured on a number of morning talk shows, magazines and publications, including The Today Show, HGTV, TLC, Parenting Magazine, Brides Magazine and The Rachel Ray Show, amongst many others. Kara's blog highlights awesome party themes and ideas for birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, baby showers and holidays.

    Be sure to follow these five fabulous party blogs, and when you need the perfect gift for the next birthday party, christening, graduation or holiday, browse our bespoke gifts at Forever Bespoke.

  • 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

    spring-clean 10 Spring Cleaning Tips


    It's almost April, which means that it's the time of year to be doing a spring clean. We all know that it can be hard to get motivated enough to do it, so we've got a list with motivational tips, easier ways to clean and some ways to clear out what you don't need. These are tried and tested by other people, but not here at Forever Bespoke. So if they make a mess, it's definitely not our fault.

    1. Open the windows – start your spring cleaning by getting some fresh air into your house. The nice breeze and smell of spring will motivate you to get up and go clean. Do it first thing in the morning to avoid falling into the trap of making excuses to do it another day.

    2. Clean your microwave quickly – most people are guilty of not cleaning the microwave as often as they should. If you're one of those people, there is a quick, easy, and chemical free way to clean it. Just fill a microwavable bowl with water and put a few lemon slices in it, along with a splash of white vinegar. Microwave it for 3-5 minutes and then leave it in there (with the door shut) for another 5. The steam will loosen any mess and it can now be wiped off with a damp cloth.

    3. Use shaving foam instead of glass cleaner – this is one for in the bathroom. Use a bit of shaving foam instead of glass cleaner on your mirrors and shower door. It will leave them streak free and will stop them from fogging up when you use the shower.

    4. Put cola down the toilet – while you're in the bathroom, pour a 2 litre bottle of cola down the toilet and leave it for at least an hour. Once you flush the toilet later, it should be sparkly clean without any effort on your part.

    5. Put some music on – TV can be too distracting while you're trying to tidy up, so put some music on instead. You can still dance and sing while cleaning, so you won't get bored and might even have some fun!

    6. De-clutter your clothes – go through the checklist as you tidy your wardrobe: have you worn it in the past 6 months, is it in good condition, and would you still buy it now. If the answer is no to any of those questions, get rid!

    7. Get new storage – cleaning and tidying always feels better when it looks good afterwards. If you have lots of bits and pieces that you want to keep, but don't belong anywhere, get some nice looking boxes to store them in. This means that you can still optimise shelf space, but have it looking a lot more organised.

    8. Clear out the fridge – this one is best done before you go on the weekly shop. Take everything out of your fridge, clean the shelves and then work on putting it all back in. Bin anything that's past its use by date, or that you have doubles of. Re-organise the food in to categories, so that it's easy to see what you already have and need to use up.

    9. Sort out your make-up – when was the last time you washed your make-up bag? If you can't remember, now is probably a good time to do it. Go through all your products and chuck any that are out of date. Some will have a date printed on them, but others go by when you first opened the product. Click here for a good list on how long to keep your make-up.

    10. Invite friends round – if you're still lacking in motivation to clean, invite some friends to come round in a few days. That way, you've got no choice but to do it!

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • 10 Positive Quotes for Spring!

    Hello March...Spring Forward Hello March, time to spring in to action!

    Spring is (apparently) here, the days are getting longer, the sun is making more of an appearance, and sometimes it doesn't rain. The sunshine and fresh flowers do a great job of getting rid of the winter mindset, and we've also picked out some of our favourite quotes to help put a spring in your step and conquer those winter blues once and for all!

    Quote 1: "Spring is Nature's Way of Saying Lets Party!" Robin Williams

    Quote 2:

    "Spring is a time for plans & projects" Leo Tolstoy "Spring is a time for plans & projects" Leo Tolstoy

    Quote 3: "No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow" Proverb

    Quote 4:

    "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" Roald Dahl "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" Roald Dahl

    Quote 5: SPRING makes everything young again.

    Quote 6:

    Go Out & Do Something You Will Remember! Go Out & Do Something You Will Remember!

    Quote 7: "After women flowers are the most divine creations" Christian Dior

    Quote 8:

    Without the Rain, there would never be Rainbows Without the Rain, there would never be Rainbows


    Quote 9: "If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney

    Quote 10:

    Storms Don't Last Forever Storms Don't Last Forever
  • Keep on running... 10 ways to prepare for a marathon

    Keep on running...10 ways to prepare for a Marathon! Keep on running...10 ways to prepare for a Marathon!

    Keep on running... 10 ways to prepare for a marathon

    If you are running a marathon and worried about the task ahead, we've got it covered. This helpful guide will provide you with the basics to kick start your marathon preparation and hopefully make it (a little!) easier.

    1. Dress the part - Investing in the right gear can make all the difference to your performance. Treat your feet to a good pair of running shoes (or two!) by visiting a local sports store for specialist advice on the best pair for you. Ensure that they are lightweight but still provide enough support. Why not splash out on colourful tank tops or patterned leggings to brighten up your run and help keep you motivated.

    2. Work your way up - Combining running and walking is a great way to ease your body into the routine and minimise the chance of injury. It is important not to overdo it, especially if you are just starting out.

    3. Mimic the route – If possible, try and find out what type of surface you will be running on. For example, if the course is an area with lots of hills you will need to prepare for this by running somewhere similar or altering the incline on the treadmill.

    4. Update your play list - Research has shown that listening to high tempo music whilst running increases motivation and overall performance. So when the going gets tough, stick on your favourite songs and keep running. Pharrell – Happy, is our favourite up beat song!

    5. Be realistic - Setting realistic goals can increase your confidence and allow your body to adjust to your new routine. If you are a beginner then don't expect that you'll be able to do a 10k straight away!

    6. Keep hydrated - It is important to replace loss fluids. Try to take a bottle of water or a sports drink with you to keep hydrated on the go. If you don't want to carry fluids, ensure that you take regular breaks.

    7. Maintain a healthy diet - Eating right is key to maintaining stamina whilst running. Stock up on carbohydrate-rich foods, such as pasta, potatoes, bread, and fruit to ensure that your body has enough energy.

    8. Train with others - Why not join a running club or train with friends to create a more social experience. You can catch up on gossip while you run to keep your mind occupied and share motivation.

    9. Play games - Take your mind off running by focusing on the song you are listening to, tell yourself you will run until the end of a play list or sing along in your head. By focusing on something else you will surprise yourself with how many miles you've covered when you next check.

    10. Recover! It is important to ensure that you have sufficient rest days so that you avoid injuring yourself. And get plenty of your weary head on your very own personalised Eat Sleep Run Repeat Pillowcase!

    Whether it was for a sense of achievement or to improve your fitness levels, motivation is key and it is important to remember why you started. Follow this advice and hopefully you will cross the finish line with a smile on your face!

    If you're looking for more inspiration check out Carly Rowena's blog for some great advice!

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Dept)

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