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  • 5 Must-Follow Blogs for Great Party Ideas

    Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party, wedding shower or child's birthday party, you want your party to be special, unique and stand out from the others of its kind. You've probably surfed the Web for inspiration and asked your friends and family for their input. If you're stilled strapped for ideas, the Forever Bespoke team has put together a list of the top bloggers who share their party planning tips and ideas. In no particular order, here are the blogs that made our list:

    Hostess With the Mostess

    Hostess with the Mostess

    From party themes, cakes and décor to entertaining products, clever DIY projects and hostessing tips, Hostess with the Mostess (HWTM) provides first-time party throwers and seasoned party pros with great ideas for their next party or special event. HWTM is headed by Editor-in-Chief and Founder Jenn Sbranti and her husbad Sonny. Jenn is a designer, entrepeneur, writer and mom who's always had a thing for parties – particularly party décor. Using her web designing background, she created her blog back in 2005, and we're so thankful she did!


    Party Delights

    Party DelightsFounded by Allison Graham in 2001, Party Delights is a party supply store offering everything you need for you next event, including invitations, balloons, tablewear, games, dress and decorations. Allison was inspired to found Party Delights after she was unable to find a complete range of accessories for her son's Spiderman themed birthday party. She founded Party Delights to ensure children would have enjoyable birthday parties at home with themes to suit their hobbies and interests. At the Party Delights Blog, you'll find great party theme ideas, DIY projects, and so much more.


    Pretty Little Party Shop

    Pretty Little Party ShopPretty Little Party Shop is an online party and events supply shop that aims to create an effortless feel to party styling. The store's style is simple and contemporary and offers a mix of handpicked products from around the world, as well as its own in-house designs and hand-made items. The Pretty Little Party Shop Blog offers unique ideas for party planners with an elegant yet simplistic style.


    Party Pieces Blog and Inspiration

    The Party Times from Party PiecesParty Pieces is a family business founded in 1987 by Carole Middleton, who hoped to inspire other mothers to create magical parties at home and to make the party planning process easier. Party Pieces Blog and Inspiration, Party Pieces' online party magazine, providing hostesses with everything they need to know about throwing a child's party or family celebration. The online magazine covers everything from delicious recipes, to the latest party themes, to fun decorating and craft ideas.


    Kara's Party Ideas

    Kara's Party Ideas

    Kara's Party Ideas was started in 2009 by Kara Allen, a party designer, author, blogger and dessert stylist. Since a young age, Kara's always had a calling for party planning, and her creative ideas and keen attention to detail have led her to be called the new Martha Stewart of the party world. She has been featured on a number of morning talk shows, magazines and publications, including The Today Show, HGTV, TLC, Parenting Magazine, Brides Magazine and The Rachel Ray Show, amongst many others. Kara's blog highlights awesome party themes and ideas for birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, baby showers and holidays.

    Be sure to follow these five fabulous party blogs, and when you need the perfect gift for the next birthday party, christening, graduation or holiday, browse our bespoke gifts at Forever Bespoke.

  • 20 Things Only A 90's Kid Will Understand


    90s-Kid-GraphicFor those of you born in the 90's, this nostalgic post will definitely bring back some memories and a smile to your face.

    1: You remember the pain of dial up Internet

    It's strange to think that it used to take a lifetime to connect to the Internet and you couldn't use the phone at the same time. Every 90's kid will remember frantically waving at their Mum to hurry up and end the conversation so they could get online.

    2: You rented VHS not DVD's

    The excitement of going to Blockbuster on a Friday night to choose a video was always something to look forward to.

    3: You taped the top 40

    We couldn't just Google and listen to the top 40 so we resorted to tuning into Radio 1 every Sunday from 4-7 and taping it with a cassette. The challenge was trying to pause it before the DJ started talking.

    4: Penny sweets were actually a penny

    Nowadays a pick 'n' mix is extortionate! remember going to the shop and getting a big bag for 20p?! You definitely got more sweets for your money back then.

    5: You had smelly gel pens in your pencil case

    You just weren't cool unless your pens were scented.

    6: You owned the original walk man

    Instead of sleek ipod's, 90's kids had the task of carrying around bulky CD and cassette player's when they wanted to listen to their favourite songs on the go.

    7: You had a pet tamagotchi

    It was a hard work satisfying these digital pets. Sneaking it to school was a mission – your teacher had to understand that couldn't leave it at home or it would die!

    8: You had to catch 'em all.

    Trading Pokemon cards at break was a regular occurrence. You suddenly became very popular if you had a shiny Charizard.

    9: Your Mum washed your hair with L'Oréal kids shampoo

    The 'no tears' motto was definitely a lie though.

    10: You couldn't have orangeade without asking “who loves orange soda!?”

    Keenan and Kel was one of the best programmes around and who could forget that famous quote!

    11: SM:TV was the reason to get up on a Saturday morning

    A morning spent with Ant, Dec and Cat was hilarious.

    12: You still have a box of beanie babies hidden in the attic

    At one point you couldn't see your bed with the amount you had!

    13: Your creations never quite looked liked the finished product on art attack

    Did they really expect a five year old to have the ability to make some of them!?

    14:You locked your furby in a cupboard

    Constant “feed me!”demands and falling asleep under its beady eyes was overwhelming. Annoying and slightly horrifying it is surprising that these furry aliens became so popular.

    15: You had some snazzy footwear

    From sparkly jelly sandals to trainers that lit up, the 90's was the coolest era for footwear!

    16: You know all the words to the fresh prince of Bel Air theme song

    “Innnn West Philadelphia born and raised...” you just can't stop yourself.

    17: You always wanted a dairylea lunchable to take school

    Even though they tasted horrible it was much cooler than taking in your Mum's squashed tin foil wrapped sandwiches.

    18: The era of Boy/girl bands

    Spice girls, Atomic Kitten, Backstreet Boys, N'sync... the 90's had some of the best (and cheesiest) bands. What better way to spend your time than learning the dance moves and making your mum video it with a camcorder (yes ... a camcorder, remember those?).

    19: Learning CD lyrics

    Memorising the song lyrics from the leaflet inside was the first thing you would do when you got a new CD.

    20.You wanted Bernard's watch

    And you would come up with much more interesting (and perhaps unethical) ways of using it. Cheating in an exam... finally getting your hands on that Prada bag..

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • 10 great things to do during the holidays!

    10 Easter Holiday Activities 10 Easter Holiday Activities

    The Easter Holidays are here, which means the kids are off school and full of sugar. If you're not going away during their time off, it can be difficult thinking of things to keep them occupied. If you're struggling for ideas, we've got 10 great things to do during the holidays – all with a little twist on Easter and Spring, to make them a bit more fun!

    1. Go on an egg hunt – if you're wanting to do something on Easter Sunday, then this is a great activity for the whole family. Easter eggs can be hidden in your own house and garden if they're big enough, or you could go to a pre-arranged egg hunt. Take a picnic with you and go exploring afterwards to make the most of your day out.

    2. Make an Easter bonnet – this activity is sometimes more for the adults than the kids...get out the pom-poms, glitter glue, feathers, and be prepared for the mess! Turn the bonnet making in to a competition and model your creations to the family once they're all complete.

    3. Go on a nature hunt – nature hunts are a great way to get kids out the house. Make up a list of 'treasure' to find while you're out on your walk. Pick springtime nature items, like daffodils, bluebells, and birds nests to look out for.

    4. Paint some eggs – chose to do it the classic way with a hard boiled egg and paint, or use polystyrene eggs and craft supplies for something a bit more creative. If you do this one before Easter, you can take your eggs out on Sunday to roll down a hill.

    5. Make chocolate nests – these are a quick and easy treat for children to help make, and a good way to use up any extra chocolate eggs. All you need to do is melt down your chocolate, mix it into crushed shredded wheat, and put it in a cake case with mini eggs placed on top.

    6. Play some springtime games – if the kids are having friends round during the holidays, some springtime games will keep them entertained! An egg and spoon race is a favourite when the weather is nice, or play 'pin the tail on the bunny' indoors.

    7. Hand and footprint paintings – toddlers and babies love getting messy, and handprint/footprint paintings are a fun activity for them to do. Get creative and make bunnies, chicks, carrots, and lambs out of their prints! Make them in to Easter cards or pictures to put up on the fridge.

    8. Make a real nest – if you're lucky enough to live in the countryside (or close enough to visit), then this is a fun challenge for children to do. Let them forage for twigs to build their own life-sized nest, and see how well they get on. This might even encourage them to work together, to make a bigger and better one than if they were doing it alone!

    9. Make a rainbow – it might be rainy for a few days during the holiday, but don't let the dull weather bring you down. Brighten it up indoors by making colourful rainbows. The options are endless on how to make them – use watercolours, tissue paper, glitter, or anything else you can think of. Hang them up by the windows to cheer up the weather!

    10. Eat too much chocolate – it'll start with the children eating too much on Easter Sunday, and will end with you sneaking bits of their chocolate eggs when they're in bed. Just don't eat a full egg at once, unless you want to get caught.

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • 10 April Fool's Day Pranks... You Don't Want To Happen To You

    10 April Fool's Day Pranks... 10 April Fool's Day Pranks...

    The 1st of April is a day full of jokes and pranks, so keep an eye out for anything that might happen to you. Here are some pranks that might be funny for the person doing them, but not so funny if you get caught out! From jokes that the whole country might fall for, to messing around in the office, here are our top 10 that you don't want to happen to you.

    Prank 1: Fake news articles – lots of newspapers and news channels have started telling us false stories on April Fool's Day. Last year, a penguin laid a golden egg and there was talk of the government putting a ban on selfies. Keep your wits about you and take every news story with a pinch of salt!

    Prank 2: Upside down water cup – there is a way to turn a cup of water upside down, on a flat surface, without the water pouring out. Until the victim of this prank has to move it, and they'll inevitably soak themselves and everything around them.

    Prank 3: Car covered in post-it notes – this is a prank that you might only ever see in photos, and hopefully never have it happen to you! Imagine going out to get in your car, but it's artistically covered in post-it notes. Everywhere. It could range from being funny if you've got nowhere to go, to mildly annoying if you have to take them all off before going to work.

    Prank 4: Soap that won't work – it's an old classic, but people are still falling for it every year. A bar of soap that has been painted with clear nail varnish won't work, leaving the victim a bit puzzled as they're trying to have a shower in the morning.

    Prank 5: Wrapped up bedroom – this one is very popular with students. If one flatmate is away for a couple of days, it's not uncommon to come home to a bedroom wrapped up in wrapping paper, tinfoil or newspaper. This takes serious dedication to wrap up every single item. If it happens to you, try to look at it like getting to open lots of presents...that you already own.

    Prank 6: Items in jelly – more specifically, things that do not belong in jelly. What could be more annoying that going to get your stapler at work and finding it inside a mountain of jelly? Maybe finding your computer mouse in it too.

    Prank 7: Alarms being set early – because there's nothing quite as funny as waking up an hour prepared for the potential fall out if you do this to someone. If someone does it to you, it's perfectly reasonable to get them back the next day.

    Prank 8: Room filled with balloons – imagine going in to your office and finding it filled with balloons, from ceiling to floor! This is a prank that most people will find funny, but does take ages to set up. Maybe it's best to just leave it.

    Prank 9: Fake toffee apple – instead of biting in to an apple, they bite in to an onion instead. This is a really mean one.

    Prank 10: Upside down computer screen – this one is easy to do and easy to fix! It'll only take a few minutes to figure out how to put it back and is totally harmless. If it happens to you, it might be easier to google on your phone how to fix it, rather than reading an upside down screen.

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • 10 Ways To Know You're Officially An Adult

    10 ways you know you are an adult! 10 ways you know you are an adult!

    10 Ways To Know You're Officially An Adult

    The day has finally come, where you have to face up to the realisation that you're no longer young and carefree. You're not old yet, but it sure feels like it some days. Luckily you're not alone and we've all either been there or are getting there. Here are some tell-tale signs that you're officially an adult:

    1. You eat properly – cooking meals from scratch, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, and even making sure that you eat some vegetables. Long gone are the days that you could survive solely on pot noodles, cheesy pasta and crisps.

    2. You don't recognise music on the radio – it all sounds like the same noise, and you'll get all nostalgic when they play a song from when you were a teenager.

    3. You've said “it was better when I was your age...” – if you catch yourself saying this to a child/teenager/anyone younger than you, you're officially old. Of course, we all know that it was better back in our day, when you actually got 10 sweets in your 10p mix up.

    4. Your childhood fashions are making a comeback – scrunchies, ripped jeans and chokers have all made a comeback, but lots of us were wearing them the first time round. You'll either love that all your old favourites are back, or wonder if you really looked like that wearing them in the '90s.

    5. You enjoy a night in – loud music, spending more money than you planned, and a hangover in the morning? No thanks, we'll stick to Netflix and being in bed at a sensible time.

    6. You don't get asked for ID when you do go out – even though they have a “challenge 25” poster up and you're not even 25 yet. It's so unfair.

    7. You spend your money on bills – instead of on Topshop and numerous nights out. You work full time and don't go out as much, but are somehow left with less money than when you were a student and only working part time. It doesn't make sense, but does show that you're a proper grown up now.

    8. You go to your mum's house for a chat – not in the hopes that she'll wash that bag of dirty clothes you happened to bring round. Not only do you do all your own washing now (most of the time), but you have more in common with your mum than you did before. You're now swapping dinner ideas, tips on where to get a bargain, and enjoying spending time with her.

    9. You feel old on a night out – when you do finally go for a night out, it feels like you're surrounded by children. You've got to resist telling them to go home and put some more clothes on, while looking on in horror at how drunk they all are.

    10. You choose comfort over style (sometimes) – the walk to work now involves a decent pair of trainers instead of high heels, and you always take a coat on a night out. You might not look super stylish all of the time, but at least you won't be cold on the way home.

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

    spring-clean 10 Spring Cleaning Tips


    It's almost April, which means that it's the time of year to be doing a spring clean. We all know that it can be hard to get motivated enough to do it, so we've got a list with motivational tips, easier ways to clean and some ways to clear out what you don't need. These are tried and tested by other people, but not here at Forever Bespoke. So if they make a mess, it's definitely not our fault.

    1. Open the windows – start your spring cleaning by getting some fresh air into your house. The nice breeze and smell of spring will motivate you to get up and go clean. Do it first thing in the morning to avoid falling into the trap of making excuses to do it another day.

    2. Clean your microwave quickly – most people are guilty of not cleaning the microwave as often as they should. If you're one of those people, there is a quick, easy, and chemical free way to clean it. Just fill a microwavable bowl with water and put a few lemon slices in it, along with a splash of white vinegar. Microwave it for 3-5 minutes and then leave it in there (with the door shut) for another 5. The steam will loosen any mess and it can now be wiped off with a damp cloth.

    3. Use shaving foam instead of glass cleaner – this is one for in the bathroom. Use a bit of shaving foam instead of glass cleaner on your mirrors and shower door. It will leave them streak free and will stop them from fogging up when you use the shower.

    4. Put cola down the toilet – while you're in the bathroom, pour a 2 litre bottle of cola down the toilet and leave it for at least an hour. Once you flush the toilet later, it should be sparkly clean without any effort on your part.

    5. Put some music on – TV can be too distracting while you're trying to tidy up, so put some music on instead. You can still dance and sing while cleaning, so you won't get bored and might even have some fun!

    6. De-clutter your clothes – go through the checklist as you tidy your wardrobe: have you worn it in the past 6 months, is it in good condition, and would you still buy it now. If the answer is no to any of those questions, get rid!

    7. Get new storage – cleaning and tidying always feels better when it looks good afterwards. If you have lots of bits and pieces that you want to keep, but don't belong anywhere, get some nice looking boxes to store them in. This means that you can still optimise shelf space, but have it looking a lot more organised.

    8. Clear out the fridge – this one is best done before you go on the weekly shop. Take everything out of your fridge, clean the shelves and then work on putting it all back in. Bin anything that's past its use by date, or that you have doubles of. Re-organise the food in to categories, so that it's easy to see what you already have and need to use up.

    9. Sort out your make-up – when was the last time you washed your make-up bag? If you can't remember, now is probably a good time to do it. Go through all your products and chuck any that are out of date. Some will have a date printed on them, but others go by when you first opened the product. Click here for a good list on how long to keep your make-up.

    10. Invite friends round – if you're still lacking in motivation to clean, invite some friends to come round in a few days. That way, you've got no choice but to do it!

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • 10 Superstitions For Friday the 13th

    10 Superstitions 10 Superstitions

    The second Friday the 13th of the year is here, a day which might be unlucky for some! If you're superstitious then you'll already know that Friday 13th is typically known as a day of bad luck. Superstitions are still followed nowadays, but they might now sound a bit odd to us. Most people will follow them out of habit, but if you believe that today is an unlucky day, then you might want to avoid any of the following...

    1: Black Cat Crossing Your Path – this is said to be unlucky, especially on Friday 13th. This superstition comes from the belief that a black cat might in fact be a witch. While we now know that witches aren't real, you might still want to watch your feet if you have a pet cat. Just in case you trip over it.

    2: Don't Open An Umbrella Indoors – unfortunately, if you live in Britain this one might be harder to follow. If you've been out in the rain, you're going to have to put that umbrella up somewhere to dry, bad luck or not.

    3: Breaking A Mirror Gives You 7 Years Bad Luck – seven years of bad luck is the last thing anyone needs (along with a broken mirror to clean up). Some people claim that you'll only get the bad luck if you look at your reflection in the broken mirror, so clean it up without looking in it and you should be fine.

    4: Walking Under A Ladder – this is superstition that was related back to witches. It was said that if you walked under a ladder, breaking the triangle it makes, then you could be a witch. Nowadays, you're more likely to be hit by something dropped from the top of the ladder, so it's probably best to still walk around them.

    5: Bad Luck Comes In Threes – and unfortunately there are three Friday 13ths this year. Spooky.

    6: Unlucky To See One Magpie – but don't worry, if you make sure to say to him “Hello Mr Magpie, how's your wife and kids?” you won't get any bad luck. You might look a bit odd talking to the local wildlife, but better safe than sorry!

    7: Don't Put New Shoes On The Table – the reasons behind this are a bit hazy, but the general conclusion is that new shoes on your table will definitely bring you bad luck. But probably not as bad as putting old shoes on the table, that would just be unhygienic.

    8: Don't Walk Over Three Drains – walking over three drains is unlucky, due to bad luck happening in threes. It's not really the drains that bring the bad luck in this superstition, it's the number 3. You can always walk around them or jump over the last one to hold on to any good luck you already have.

    9: Never Split A Pole – if you are walking with a friend and split a pole, then your friendship will split. This one is easy to avoid, just squeeze through any gaps together and you'll be fine.

    10: Good Luck Is Bad Luck – in the acting world, it's considered bad luck to say “good luck” to someone before performing. Tell them to “break a leg” instead, and they'll have a good performance. The saying 'break a leg' is referring to the bow or curtsey carried out at the end of the show, which will be as the audience applaud them.

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing)

  • 10 Positive Quotes for Spring!

    Hello March...Spring Forward Hello March, time to spring in to action!

    Spring is (apparently) here, the days are getting longer, the sun is making more of an appearance, and sometimes it doesn't rain. The sunshine and fresh flowers do a great job of getting rid of the winter mindset, and we've also picked out some of our favourite quotes to help put a spring in your step and conquer those winter blues once and for all!

    Quote 1: "Spring is Nature's Way of Saying Lets Party!" Robin Williams

    Quote 2:

    "Spring is a time for plans & projects" Leo Tolstoy "Spring is a time for plans & projects" Leo Tolstoy

    Quote 3: "No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow" Proverb

    Quote 4:

    "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" Roald Dahl "If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" Roald Dahl

    Quote 5: SPRING makes everything young again.

    Quote 6:

    Go Out & Do Something You Will Remember! Go Out & Do Something You Will Remember!

    Quote 7: "After women flowers are the most divine creations" Christian Dior

    Quote 8:

    Without the Rain, there would never be Rainbows Without the Rain, there would never be Rainbows


    Quote 9: "If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney

    Quote 10:

    Storms Don't Last Forever Storms Don't Last Forever
  • 10 things you said you'd never do when you had kids(...but you do)

    10 Things You Said You'd Never Do...When You had Kids 10 Things You Said You'd Never Do...

    10 things you said you'd never do when you had kids(...but you do)

    Every new parent knows exactly how they're going to raise their child...until they're born and the whole plan gets ruined. Here are our top 10 things you said you'd never do, but you did!

    1. Keep them in pyjamas all day – This is guaranteed to be the first rule to be broken. When you've got a tiny, wriggly newborn baby, the last thing you want to do is wrestle a pair of trousers on and off them 10 times a day. And let's face it, babies look super cute in sleepsuits. All the time.

    2. Bribe them – We've all been there, looking at the toddler with a big packet of sweets, thinking “I'll never do that when I have children”. But you will. When your little angel is bored in town after 5 minutes and just won't stop moaning, that packet of sweets may well save your day and your sanity. Anything to stop a toddler screaming is worth doing.

    3. Let your child sleep in your bed – My child was always going to sleep in his own cot, in his own room, right? Wrong. If letting him into my bed at 4am when he wakes up gets me a little bit more sleep, I'm going to take it.

    4. Put photos on social media...constantly - We all know how annoying it is pre-child, seeing non-stop baby photos on Facebook. And we all swear that we won't be joining in...but your kid is just so cute. You just can't help yourself sharing all the cute faces when they're tiny and the selfies once they get big enough to do it themselves.

    5. Be late because of the baby – The baby will just fit right in with your life, so no need to worry about being late or missing out on things. Until your realise that it's actually you that fits in with the baby. You're already running late because the baby needed changed, fed, changed again and you've still not packed the changing bag with the one million things your baby might need while you're out.

    6. Buy loud, plastic toys – Every new parent goes through the phase of only wanting organic wooden toys, but once your child gets a bit older, you'll find out that they need more than that. Children are drawn to bright plastic, preferably with a loud repetitive song that plays when they press a button.

    7. Stick them in front of the TV – Use the TV as a babysitter?! You'd never do that! Until it's 5pm and the kids just won't leave you alone to make dinner. Enjoy the peace as they're engrossed in cbeebies for 5 (or 25) minutes.

    8. Feed them junk food – Because as they get bigger, you'll realise that a happy meal once in a while won't actually do any damage. And it saves you washing any dishes when you get home.

    9. Walk away from their tantrum – There's a toddler lying in the middle of a shop floor, with the parent nowhere to be seen. What you don't know, is that they are hiding at the end of the aisle (still watching their toddler) and that you'll be doing it one day too. Children like to fall to the floor as if the world is ending when they're not allowed something, and it works to just walk away. Give them a minute to realise you're gone and they'll pick themselves up, stop crying, and start following you again.

    10. Use the pram once they've turned 2 – In an ideal world, as soon as your kid can walk, you'll ditch the pram. But toddlers walk very slow, unless they're running away from you. For a quick dash to town, letting them go in the pram will make life that little bit easier for yourself!

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Dept)


    10 Ways To Be Active Outdoors in Winter 10 Ways To Be Active Outdoors in Winter


    When the cold weather hits and your warm bed is persuading you to have just five more minutes, the prospect of heading outside can seem unappealing. If you are searching for a winter workout that will motivate you, here are some great ideas to get you active and stick to that new year resolution to shed a few pounds!

    Go a long walk

    For families, kids and pets that love the great outdoors, this is a perfect way to get active. There is nothing better than crunching through crisp leaves when it's frosty so grab your winter boots, puffy jacket and explore Britain's beautiful woodlands, trails, beaches and parks. The fresh air will feel great and your post-festive body will thank you for it!

    Go hiking

    If walking isn't strenuous enough then why not step it up a gear and try hiking. Scope out local mountains or climbing sites to plan your route. Hiking is a great way to spot some wildlife, and experience a part of nature you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see. If you are feeling adventurous why not take a tent and set up camp when you find the perfect spot.

    Get on your bike!

    Layer up and get on your bike for a fantastic full body workout that will improve overall heath and well-being. Opting for a bike ride gives you the opportunity to enjoy the winter scenery and cut down on harmful emissions – both good for you and the environment!

    Join a club

    There are lots of different outdoor clubs you can join – try a local walking club or perhaps a boot camp if you are feeling brave! In addition to being physically active it is a great way to meet people and make new friends! Search your local council website for information on exciting clubs in your area.


    If you are looking for a more hands on approach to getting active outdoors then why not volunteer to help out on local projects such as tending the community garden - a great way to burn both stress and calories (much more appealing than the gym!).

    Don't go it alone

    Getting friends and family involved can make getting active much more fun and provides an opportunity for some bonding time (if you are not too sick of them after the festive period!). Plan team activities such as snowball fights, ice skating, football or rounders.

    Learn a sport

    Learning a winter sport such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating is definitely an option for those who have a real sense of adventure! Stay stylish with our outdoor Boing bracelets which are fashioned from sailing and climbing rope. With a variety of colours and sizes, they are the perfect accessory to accompany you on your great adventure!

    This fashionable accessory comes fabulously packaged in a branded circular metal tin which contains protective fabric and a card insert. It is a great place to store the band when the sports person is not wearing it. Mens Boing Bracelets

    Make waves

    Definitely not for the faint hearted - activities such as white water rafting, canoeing and windsurfing can certainly be a refreshing activity!


    Children will love playing with the outdoor toys they were given at Christmas so get involved - running around after them will definitely burn some calories! With the thick snow fall a game of hide and seek will also be great fun to play... no matter what age you are!

    Snow fun

    It is cold, disruptive and a complete nuisance at times but it can be lots of fun! make the most of the snow by going sledging down a big hill or build a snowman (tip - try to get the kids involved so it doesn't look as strange to the neighbours).

    So what are you waiting for, wrap up in your winter gear, get outdoors and get active!

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

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