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    Top Wedding Trends of 2015 Top Wedding Trends of 2015

    Wedding season is almost here, with the plans for Spring weddings truly underway and the wedding fairs starting for those planning for the later months. With so many elements to decide on, we've picked out our favourite trends of the year. You'll recognize some that have carried over from last year and spot some new trends that are just emerging.

    1: Wild Flowers

    One of the big flower trends for 2015 is having the look of freshly picked flowers for your bouquets and arrangements. This rustic, relaxed look usually involves a variety of flowers that will compliment each other and the season. Picking some that will definitely be in season and choosing a local florist can help to keep your costs down. Your arrangements can also be complimented with other seasonal elements, like acorns and pine cones in autumn, and red berries in winter.

    2: Tiered Wedding Cakes

    The tiered cake is making a comeback! Wedding cakes are changing to be suited to the bride and groom's taste, with more couples choosing adventurous flavours in place of the classic fruit cake. Try having a selection of flavours over the different layers, or even having a 'naked' cake – that's a wedding cake without any icing on it. With all that cake to be eaten, it can be doubled up as the dessert after your wedding dinner.

    3: Food and Drink Trucks

    Eating at weddings is becoming less formal and some couples are opting out of a sit down meal, in favour of food being available all night. If you want to create a relaxed, party-like atmosphere, a food truck might be the missing detail you're looking for! From hot dogs and chips to cupcakes and sweets, any tastes can be catered for. If you decide to go for a food truck, make sure you have enough of them to avoid any long queues for your guests.

    4: Floral Invitations

    Dramatic, bright, and bold ones. Invitations are being steered towards a floral trend this year and they're going to be something that stands out. With strong colours on your invitations, no-one will be able to pass over any of the important details. Beautiful calligraphy surrounded by illustrative flowers is the go-to look, with postcard invitations being a popular choice. These invites are a great modern twist on vintage paintings and are sure to fit in with any wedding.

    5: Stand Out Groom

    Grooms are getting more involved in wedding planning and now it's time for them to stand out against the crowd too. A quirky look is a less conventional choice, but has a bit more fun in it! Stylish suits can now be found in tweed patterned material – they'll still have the classy tweed look about them, but the groom won't get too hot. Another stand out trend is the blue suit, which can be made even more bold by using yellow accessories such as his tie, socks or shoes.

    6: Ariel Photography

    Wedding photographers and videographers are now offering more ambitious viewpoints of your special day. Using drones to fly their equipment in to the air, you can capture the day from a birds eye view. This could give you great photographs of your reception and guests, by getting everyone in without the hassle of posing for the camera! This type of photography would be ideal for an outdoor wedding, to show off the beautiful landscape and area that you've chosen.

    7: Headbands

    If a veil isn't quite your thing, bridal headbands can make the same impact and be worn through both your ceremony and reception. There are headbands to cater for any style of bride – from glamorous crystals to laid back flowers and everything in between. Headbands compliment any hairstyle, up or down, and are sure to be on your accessory list for the day.

    8: Powder Colours

    Light coloured dresses for the bridesmaids, teamed up with a bright bouquet are on trend this year. Natural and powder colours are very popular, alongside reds and pinks. If you're wanting your bridesmaids to look a bit different from each other, the same dress in various light colours can be a fantastic way to do this. You can even incorporate your colour scheme in to an ombre wedding cake, or the bride's dress if you're feeling brave!

    9: DIY Weddings

    Wedding DIY is one of those things that can elevate an event and can help the bride and groom to save money to spend on their honeymoon. We've collected some ideas that can make your wedding day even more unique like incorporating a chalk board table plan, wooden signs for directions, home made sweet favours, hand made stationary and why not set up your own photo booths with a vintage style camera and props.

    10: Rustic Theme

    Rustic themed décor can create a personal and intimate atmosphere at your wedding. Copper replaces silver and gold this year, adding a bit more warmth to the colour scheme. Natural decorations and centrepieces tie in perfectly with it, contributing to a relaxed look. Wooden tables and chairs without any coverings on them will fit right in, and will look beautiful topped with wooden table decorations. Our heart table decorations are laser engraved with the couples surname and wedding date, and now is your chance to win 100 of them for your own wedding! Click the image below to ENTER!

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    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • Top 10 things to do on Valentine's Day

    It can be the most romantic day of the year, or something that you'd rather pass we've come up with the top 10 things to do on Valentine's Day with something to suit everyone. Whether you're planning a date night or a night out with your friends, there's going to be at least one idea to make your Valentine's Day a good one!

    1: Have a movie night – This one is great for everyone. If you're in a relationship then swap the long queues at the cinema, and expensive popcorn, for a cosy movie night at home. If you're single, invite your friends round to your house for a night in. You get to pick the movie, eat whatever you want, and there won't be anyone tall sitting in front of you...perfect!

    2: Eat a lot of chocolate – It would be rude not to eat the box of chocolates that you've been given. Better make sure it doesn't go to waste and eat them all at once.

    3: Make gift tokens for your other half – Flowers and chocolate might be a classic on Valentine's Day, but they're also predictable. Why not give something with a bit more of a personal touch? Make gift tokens for your partner and it'll be the gift that keeps on giving. Let them cash in their tokens for various gifts like days out, breakfast in bed and a night off from cleaning the dishes.

    4: Cook a romantic meal at home – Save yourself the stress of booking a table at a busy restaurant and make a romantic meal in the comfort of your own home. A candlelit dinner doesn't have to be fancy to impress – cook your partner's favourite food and it'll go down a treat. Why not take them upstairs afterwards to surprise them...with a Valentine's pillow to go to “sleep” on!

    Valentines Day Love Birds Pillowcase Valentines Day Gift Ideas

    5: Go out with the girls – If a quiet night in isn't quite your style, a night out with cocktails might sound more appealing! Get the girls together and go for a night out in town...who said Valentine's Day is just for couples anyway?!

    6: Send a Valentine's card signed from a “secret admirer” - Even if they'll know it's from you. Keep the day fun and light hearted with a mysterious card through the door! Everyone likes to get a card on Valentine's Day. Although they won't always admit it, you can guarantee they'll be smiling once it's opened.

    7: Treat yourself – Because you're the best person to love, all year round. Show yourself just how much you're appreciated by getting you a treat. Get those expensive shoes you've been eyeing up, or that top that you've wanted for deserve it!

    8: Buy her some flowers – Sometimes the classic gifts are the best, especially if you're not usually one for buying flowers. Your wife will appreciate the romantic gesture, and will be thinking of you all week when she looks at them.

    9: Go back to your first date – Remind your partner of where it all started and take them back to your first date. It'll bring back fun memories and will make for a much more meaningful date, if it's somewhere that means a lot to you both.

    10: ...nothing – Why not wait until the 15th to buy loads of chocolate half price and go out for dinner when it's not so busy! Don't get stressed about trying to do the most romantic thing on Valentine's Day, when you can show your other half just how much you care on any other day of the year.

    Melissa (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • Find Your Perfect Bridesmaid

    10 things to consider when choosing your bridesmaids

    Lets face it, being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility so whether it's your friend, sister or cousin, you want to make sure you pick the right girl for the job! Before popping the question here are a few things you might want to consider...

    Reason 1- Think numbers. According to tradition, the number of bridesmaids you have should be proportionate to the size of your wedding. So having 20 bridesmaids for a wedding party of 50 is a bit excessive!

    Reason 2- Are you asking her because you have to? If you are under pressure from your Mum to choose a cousin you haven't spoken to since you were five or if your fiancé is hassling you to choose his sister then put your foot down! This is your big day and you need someone who will make you happy and support you.

    Reason 3 -Is she really your friend? We have all made this drunken promise to our friends but if you haven't spoke to her in over a year then you might want to reconsider!

    Reason 4- Can you trust her? You will need her honest opinion on absolutely everything so you don't want someone who will let you walk down the aisle looking like a big fluffy meringue!

    Reason 5- Is she supportive of your marriage? If she's not a fan of your man then she probably isn't the best fit for your bridal party. The last thing you want is her screaming “ME!” when asked if anyone objects!

    Reason 6- Will she complain about her dress? Nobody wants a a fussy bridesmaid complaining that the colour doesn't suit her. Pick someone that will wear the unflattering lilac chiffon dress because she loves you and you have been dreaming of a lilac wedding since you were eight years old.

    Reason 7 - Will she throw an amazing hen do? It is a big responsibility to get this right! She needs to know if you are the type of girl that favours a relaxing spa weekend or a crazy night with all the inappropriate props!

    Reason 8 - Will she put you first? You are the centre of attention and you don't want her trying to steal the limelight or make a scene by flirting with the best man!

    Reason 9 - Can she hack it? Lets face it, being a bridesmaid is not all champagne and glamour - it can be a military operation at times! From organising your hen do to helping you squeeze into your dress on the big day, pick someone that can deal with pressure and still keep their sense of humour!

    Reason 10 - Is she prepared to get her hands dirty? Can she deal with dodgy drunken dancing from your uncle? or be there with a tissue in hand for your Mum when she gets emotional during the first dance? Dealing with wedding drama while letting you be the fabulous newly-wed is a must!

    If she can do all these things with her make-up and sense of humour in tact then you are on to a winner...

    Why not get her a personalised 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid' heart to ask your best friend to be your bridesmaid and stand by you on your big day.

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

  • First Date Failures

    new-blog-photo10 signs your first date is going badly

    The dating scene is full of mixed signals and miscommunication so it can be hard to tell how a date is going. With Valentines Day fast approaching, this guide will help you spot initial warning signs that they might not be the one...

    Reason 1 : They don't listen or ask you questions: If they are more occupied with their phone or the menu rather than talking to you, chances are, things won’t work out. A good date will want to get to know you and if they don't seem interested then they probably aren't!

    Reason 2: They can't stop talking... about themselves: By the end of the date you know their shoe size, their favourite colour, what type of dog they have, their dogs name, what their dog eats – and all they know is your name.

    Reason 3: They are constantly on their phone: If they are answering calls, responding to messages or swiping through Tinder while they are with you - this is not only a bad sign, it's just bad manners!

    Reason 4: ...Silence: Awkward moments are inevitable on a first date - however, there is a big difference between a few nervous quiet spells and having literally nothing to say to someone. An hour of no conversation is definitely a sign there isn't a spark!

    Reason 5: Lack of effort: If they turn up to a Michelin star restaurant smelling of Vodka and look like they have been roughing it for the last week... just leave.

    Reason 6: Flirting with other people: The conversation has been amazing!... between them and the waiter.

    Reason 7: If they have drank a bottle of wine before the starter: There might be a few underlying issues...

    Reason 8: They can't stop talking about their ex: Crying into their main about how much they love (or hate) her is definitely not good!

    Reason 9: If they have been at the toilet for more than 20 minutes... They probably won't be returning!

    Reason 10 Cutting it short: If they can't eat their pasta arrabiata any quicker and pass on dessert this is definitely a sign that they are just not that into you!

    If you notice these things then a second date might not be on the cards!

    First Date Escape Plans First Date Escape Plans

    Stephanie (Forever Bespoke Marketing Team)

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