Top 10 things to do on Valentine's Day

It can be the most romantic day of the year, or something that you'd rather pass we've come up with the top 10 things to do on Valentine's Day with something to suit everyone. Whether you're planning a date night or a night out with your friends, there's going to be at least one idea to make your Valentine's Day a good one!

1: Have a movie night – This one is great for everyone. If you're in a relationship then swap the long queues at the cinema, and expensive popcorn, for a cosy movie night at home. If you're single, invite your friends round to your house for a night in. You get to pick the movie, eat whatever you want, and there won't be anyone tall sitting in front of you...perfect!

2: Eat a lot of chocolate – It would be rude not to eat the box of chocolates that you've been given. Better make sure it doesn't go to waste and eat them all at once.

3: Make gift tokens for your other half – Flowers and chocolate might be a classic on Valentine's Day, but they're also predictable. Why not give something with a bit more of a personal touch? Make gift tokens for your partner and it'll be the gift that keeps on giving. Let them cash in their tokens for various gifts like days out, breakfast in bed and a night off from cleaning the dishes.

4: Cook a romantic meal at home – Save yourself the stress of booking a table at a busy restaurant and make a romantic meal in the comfort of your own home. A candlelit dinner doesn't have to be fancy to impress – cook your partner's favourite food and it'll go down a treat. Why not take them upstairs afterwards to surprise them...with a Valentine's pillow to go to “sleep” on!

Valentines Day Love Birds Pillowcase Valentines Day Gift Ideas

5: Go out with the girls – If a quiet night in isn't quite your style, a night out with cocktails might sound more appealing! Get the girls together and go for a night out in town...who said Valentine's Day is just for couples anyway?!

6: Send a Valentine's card signed from a “secret admirer” - Even if they'll know it's from you. Keep the day fun and light hearted with a mysterious card through the door! Everyone likes to get a card on Valentine's Day. Although they won't always admit it, you can guarantee they'll be smiling once it's opened.

7: Treat yourself – Because you're the best person to love, all year round. Show yourself just how much you're appreciated by getting you a treat. Get those expensive shoes you've been eyeing up, or that top that you've wanted for deserve it!

8: Buy her some flowers – Sometimes the classic gifts are the best, especially if you're not usually one for buying flowers. Your wife will appreciate the romantic gesture, and will be thinking of you all week when she looks at them.

9: Go back to your first date – Remind your partner of where it all started and take them back to your first date. It'll bring back fun memories and will make for a much more meaningful date, if it's somewhere that means a lot to you both.

10: ...nothing – Why not wait until the 15th to buy loads of chocolate half price and go out for dinner when it's not so busy! Don't get stressed about trying to do the most romantic thing on Valentine's Day, when you can show your other half just how much you care on any other day of the year.

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